Look: A tribute to FFXIV's unlikeliest hero

Little troll, big world.

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You can meet Shaggles in Labyrinthos.
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Shaggles is the star of a string of FFXIV sidequests found in Labyrinthos, starting with “Lost Little Troll” at (X:30.3, Y:19.3).

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Shaggles has quite the sassy personality.
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FFXIV’s adorable little troll can actually speak, but only you can understand him. Thus a quest to allow him to speak to everyone else begins.

Once you complete Shaggles’ quests, make sure to also do “The Lad in Labyrinthos” quest line as it crosses over with Shaggles in the most heartwarming way.

You too can get your very own Shaggles.
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The “Tiny Troll” minion is a random drop from the level 89 dungeon, The Aitiascope. That means you can have Shaggles go with you anywhere in the expansive world of FFXIV.

Shaggles constantly says “Grrr” while speaking.

And he loves hanging out in fields of flowers.

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His dream is to see the world outside Labyrinthos.
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So he’ll travel with you anywhere.

Even to an underwater city in the Ruby Sea...

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... or to the very edge of creation.

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