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5 fastest cars in GTA Online to get ASAP

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Getting by in the wild world of Grand Theft Auto Online can be a challenge, but there’s one thing that can make it easier: A car fast enough to outrun your bloodthirsty fellow players.

Rockstar doesn’t provide official speeds for the cars in GTA Online, but YouTuber Broughy1322 put them all to the test, coming up with straight-line speeds for the game’s best cars.

Here are the 5 fastest cars in GTA Online.

5. Bravado Banshee 900R

The Bravado Banshee 900R might only be the fifth-fastest car in GTA Online at 131 mph, but it’s got one advantage over the others. At $565,000, it’s slightly more than half the price of the next cheapest option.

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4. Principe Deveste Eight

The Principe Deveste Eight is one of the showiest cars in GTA Online, and it’s got the performance to match, with a 131.75 mph top speed.

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3. Pfister 811

The Pfister 811 is more than just a (very) pretty car. Its 132.5 mph top speed is one of the fastest in GTA Online, and it costs less than half the price of the car in spot #2.

2. Grotti Itali RSX

Before the final car on this list was introduced, the Grotti Itali RSX’s 135 mph top speed was untouchable. It’s still a great car, but a little pricey at $3,465,000.

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1. Ocelot Pariah

Introduced in the Doomsday Heist update, the Ocelot Pariah is GTA Online’s reigning speed champion. With a top speed of 136 mph, it can outrun any other car in the game — if you’ve got $1,420,00 to spare.

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