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Behold! The 10 best video game characters of 2021, ranked

If you can’t trust Tumblr users, who can you trust?


For a lot of people, the only thing more fun than playing games is arguing online about them, and few debates are more heated than those over the best characters.


Tumblr makes it easy to track which characters players are obsessing over most, tracking how often they’re mentioned throughout the year.

Here are the 10 best video game characters of 2021, ranked by Tumblr.

10. Sonic

Sonic the Hedgehog

Even without a new game this year, Sonic remains as popular as ever. The Blue Blur got a boost in 2021 thanks to the announcement of Sonic Frontiers, due out next year.

9. Sans


Sans’ popularity fell from last year, but with Undertale being a perennial favorite of fan artists, it’s no surprise he’s still ranking high on Tumblr.

8. Mammon

Obey Me!

One of two characters on this list from demon dating sim Obey Me!, Mammon is the Avatar of Greed. His impulsiveness and hidden soft side make him a favorite among fans. His abs presumably help.

7. Lucifer

Obey Me!

Who could be more trustworthy than Lucifer? The Avatar of Pride in Obey Me! is predictably conceited and sadistic, but also protective of the player character — a combo players clearly enjoy.

6. Mario

The Boomer of the list, and one of the few whose Tumblr popularity isn’t mostly based on horny fan fiction. As the star of roughly 1,000 games at this point, it’s no surprise he’s still so popular.

5. Zagreus


The star of one of 2020’s best games is still popular in 2021. Zagreus has a lot going for him — he loves dogs, has a killer fashion sense, and knows how to throw a great party.

4. Spamton


Even Deltarune’s creator was surprised by Spamton’s popularity, and who could blame him? Spamton is a chaotic little scammer with a deeply sad backstory and a theme tune you’ll never get out of your head no matter how hard you try.

3. Link

The Legend of Zelda

In completely unshocking news, the star of one of the most popular game series ever continues to be popular. With Breath of the Wild 2 possibly seeing the light of day soon, expect The Legend of Zelda’s silent protagonist to be even more prominent next year.

2. Karl Heisenberg

Resident Evil Village

Karl Heisenberg is one of Resident Evil Village’s best characters, with stronger motivations and personality than almost anyone else in the game. Plus, he can control metal with his mind and looks like an escaped Bloodborne character.

1. Lady Dimitrescu

Resident Evil Village

Around Resident Evil Village’s release, fans were more invested in figuring out the Tall Vampire Lady than playing the game. When she’s not wrangling her nightmare daughters, Lady D is wondering why players don’t seem to mind her catching them.

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