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10 best games like Elden Ring you need to play ASAP

If you’re waiting to play Elden Ring or want more when it’s done, start here.

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The wait is finally over, and players are ready to brave FromSoftware’s much-anticipated Elden Ring. If you need a similar game to pump you up first or something to play once you’ve explored the Lands Between, there are fortunately plenty of options.

Here are 10 games like Elden Ring you need to play.

10. Sifu

You won’t find Elden Ring’s open world and focus on exploration echoed in Sifu. What you will find is tough-as-nails combat that can prepare you for FromSoftware’s newest game, or fill the void left once you finish it.

9. Shadow of the Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus is a far more meditative experience than Elden Ring, but its moody open world captures a similar feeling. Both games are about exploring the unknown with your trusty horse as you track down mighty beasts.

8. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Like Elden Ring, The Witcher 3 has a massive open world to explore, but with a much stronger emphasis on story. Other important similarities include a customizable character build and one very good horse.

7. Salt and Sanctuary

You could criticize Salt and Sanctuary for being too much like Dark Souls. Salt and Sanctuary has tricky combat and a dark fantasy world that will feel familiar to Elden Ring players, but rendered in 2D so it still feels like a change of pace.

6. Ashen

Ashen takes a lot of inspiration from FromSoftware with tough combat and shadowy lore, but its emphasis on casual co-op and community building make it a much less lonely experience.

5. Children of Morta

If you’re a fan of Elden Ring’s co-op, Children of Morta expands it in a very satisfying way. The game’s characters are all family members with complementary skills and the best way to play is teaming up to explore its fantasy world with a friend.

4. Risen

At more than a decade old, Risen can be tough to get into. Punishing combat, a vast world, and plenty of obtuse mechanics make it one of the closest matches for Elden Ring’s brand of difficulty.

3. Nioh

Nioh and its sequel put Soulsborne combat in a fantastical feudal Japan setting. With multiple fighting styles and unlockable special abilities, its combat may feel more like Elden Ring than even Dark Souls does.

2. Dragon’s Dogma

The open world in Dragon’s Dogma is sprawling and mysterious, filled with hidden secrets and bosses just waiting for you to find them. Its fun and varied combat coupled with a sense of wonder more than make up for its uninspired story.

1. Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight looks nothing like Elden Ring at first glance, but there are a lot of similarities under the surface. They both feature precise combat and a fascinating, ruined world to explore, but only one lets you experience it as a cute little bug.

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