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These are the 10 best-reviewed games of 2022 (so far)

Elden Ring and 9 more of Metacritic’s top scorers.

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2022 has already been a stellar year for games — and it’s only May. With hit after hit, this is truly one for the ages.


GOTY picks will vary from persion to person, but Metacritic offers an excellent snapshot of which games are the most widely loved.


These are the best games of 2022, ranked by Metacritic scores.


10. Gran Turismo 7 — 87 Metascore

As arguably the most iconic racing series of all time, Gran Turismo’s seventh installment was, unsurprisingly, outstanding.

Private Division

9. OlliOlli World — 87 Metascore

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater gets all the love, but OlliOlli World might just be the best modern skating game, thanks to its gorgeous art style and tight controls.

Final Fantasy VII

8. Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster — 88 Metascore

Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster is the definitive version of this beloved classic, featuring improved visuals and revamped audio.

Paradox Interactive

7. Crusader Kings III (Console) 88 Metascore

The console version of Crusader Kings III launched in 2022, serving as one of the greatest strategy RPGs of all time.


6. Horizon Forbidden West — 88 Metascore

Horizon Forbidden West is the sequel we’ve dreamt of for years, improving upon nearly every aspect of the original.

Raw Fury

5. NORCO — 88 Metascore

NORCO is a short, six-hour point-and-click adventure with a gripping story—sending players to Louisianna in search of the protagonist’s missing brother.


4. 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim (Switch) 89 Metascore

Part real-time strategy game, part visual novel, 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim launched on Switch after the PS4 version got favorable reviews last year.

Cellar Door Games

3. Rogue Legacy 2 — 90 Metascore

Rogue Legacy 2 is a sidescrolling action platformer with roguelike elements, featuring procedurally generated dungeons and a focus on humor.


2. God of War (PC) — 93 Metascore

Much like its console counterpart, the PC version of God of War launched to critical acclaim, offering improved visuals, and better performance.

1. Elden Ring — 96 Metascore

The most acclaimed game of the year (so far) is FromSoftware’s smash hit Elden Ring. This open-world action RPG is massive, innovative, beautiful, and gut-wrenchingly challenging.

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