Who is Snoke? 5 Star Wars theories to explain the mysterious Supreme Leader

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Snoke Theories

It’s been four months since Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and we still have one question: What’s the deal with Snoke?

The Supreme Leader of the First Order got a brief shoutout in TROS, but it raised more questions than answers.

Here are our five best theories to the mystery on everyone’s mind: Who is Snoke?

5. Snoke is a clone of Tarkin

If Palpatine made Snoke, it makes sense he’d use a loyal soldier as the genetic material.

Who’s more loyal than Grand Moff Tarkin? Also, the cheekbones! Read more.

4. Snoke is a clone of King Ommin

Remember King Ommin? Probably not.

This Sith Lord from Star Wars “Legends” died thousands of years before the events of Star Wars.

But besides that little detail, this theory makes a lot of sense. Read more.

3. Snoke's Ring

You may have missed it, but Snoke’s trademark ring is covered with ancient text.

It’s connected to the Sages of Dwartii who helped found the Galactic Republic, but what does it mean? Read more.

2. Snoke is Rey’s Uncle

Less of a theory and more of a rant, but stick with me...

If Snoke is a clone of Palpatine then he’s technically related to Rey, but how? Read more.

1. Snoke is a clone of Darth Plagueis

This is the most obvious and best answer.

Before young Sheev Palpatine killed his master, is it possible he saved a bit of genetic material for future cloning? Read more.

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