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7 spooky new thrillers coming to Netflix in October 2021

“Please don’t try to leave. It’ll make it worse.”


Netflix is celebrating Halloween 2021 with weekly horror releases until the end of October.

Here are 7 spooky movies coming soon to Netflix.

7. No One Gets Out Alive

September 29

Adapted from a novel, No One Gets Out Alive centers on Ambar, an undocumented immigrant who rents a room in a boarding house and quickly starts seeing terrifying specters roaming the halls.

6. Escape the Undertaker

October 5

This bonkers-sounding movie follows WWE stars The New Day as they try to escape The Undertaker’s haunted mansion. Like Bandersnatch before it, Escape the Undertaker lets viewers decide the story’s twists and turns.

5. There’s Someone Inside Your House

October 6

In There’s Someone Inside Your House, high school students are stalked by a murderer who’s out to expose their darkest secrets. As if that weren’t creepy enough, the villain attacks while wearing masks of the victims’ faces.

4. Fever Dream

October 13

Fever Dream is the tense story of two young mothers — one on a trip with her daughter and one estranged from her son — locked in an intense relationship while a mysterious calamity looms over them.

3. Night Teeth

October 20

A driver gets caught up in his passengers’ night of partying, only to find they’re not partiers looking for company but vampires looking for victims.

2. Hypnotic

October 27

In search of better mental health, a woman starts undergoing hypnotherapy, but her sessions soon turn from therapeutic to possibly deadly.

1. Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight Part 2

October 27

Netflix describes the sequel to the 2020 slasher Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight as “a perverse, ironic, grotesque, and bloody story about looking for love.” We’re not sure how that all fits together, but it certainly sounds unique.

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