Mischief Managed

Behold! 5 incredible pieces of Loki art from Episode 1

“I am burdened with glorious purpose.”

Loki is finally here, and Marvel fans are celebrating in the best way they know how: by making glorious fan art.

Here are 5 mischievous pieces of fan art to celebrate the start of Loki.

5. This fan-made poster from Instagram user @sweenystarlord plays up the multiple variants aspect of Loki.

4. This Quantum Leap-inspired poster from @AidarSM turns Loki into a ‘90s sci-fi sitcom

3. Popular fan artist BossLogic teamed up with Marvel Australia for this official Loki poster.

2. I love this animated poster for Loki. It’s simple, but so effective.

1. Instagram artist Jacob Crump created this classic comic book cover inspired by Loki Episode 1.