Earth's hungriest heroes

Introducing the Babish Culinary Universe...

Andrew Rea (Binging with Babish) assembles a team of YouTube chefs — and picks out their Marvel superhero equivalents.

by Jake Kleinman and Andrew "Binging with Babish" Rea
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YouTube chefs like Andrew Rea, Matty Matheson, and the team at Bon Appetit are the super heroes of cooking on the internet.

So without further ado, here are the Avengers of the cooking cinematic universe (CCU?)

Andrew Rea (Binging with Babish) is...
Captain America

“I guess I'm going to be Captain America because I'm the quietest, most reserved. I've got the comforting voice. And I'm so handsome.”

Brad Leone (Bon Appetit) is...
Bon Appetit
Thor Odinson

“He's more Thor: Ragnarok. He's got the more aloof vibe, Endgame even. Anything post-Ragnarok, when they gave him a good writer.”

Claire Saffitz (Bon Appetit) is...
Bon Appetit
Bruce Banner

“Claire's the scientist. She's the inventor. She’s Bruce Banner. I wouldn't want to mess with Claire.”

Matty Matheson is...
GP Images/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Iron Man

“Matty would be Iron Man. He's the smart-ass, the quippiest.”

Chef John (Allrecipes) is...

“Chef John is Vision because he's pragmatic and just gets you through. He has humor in his videos, but it's all very informational. So I guess I'll call him Vision.”

You Suck at Cooking is...

"He's a mystery. I've met him in person and he's very sweet. He's brilliant. Who's the funniest and who's the most brilliant? Iron man's taken... Ant-Man. Yeah, that's pretty good because he's the goofiest by far. So he's Ant-Man."

Andrew Rea is a member of the Inverse Future 50, a group of 50 people who will be forces of good in the 2020s.

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