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Baron Zemo is lowering the bar for all of us

There’s more to this meme than just bad dance moves.

As vaccines become widespread and a return to normal society seems imminent, you might be experiencing a different kind of anxiety you haven’t felt in over a year.

Social Anxiety

How will you handle your first big social event of the post-Covid era? What if you get invited to a karaoke party, but you can’t sing. Or a nightclub, but you can’t dance?

Thankfully, we have the Marvel supervillain Baron Helmut Zemo to show us the way.

In the most recent episode of the Disney+ series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Zemo busted out some very mediocre dance moves at an underground nightclub.

The internet went wild. Marvel even released an extended cut with even more footage of Zemo actor Daniel Brühl dancing on camera. See for yourself...

The clap. The finger twirl. Zemo does all the classic awkward white guy dance moves, and some we’ve never seen before.

If Zemo can pull this off, so can you. But that’s not the only way Brühl is lowering the bar for the rest of us just when we needed it the most.

After all, if a Marvel supervillain responsible for the death of King T'Chaka and countless others can turn into an internet fan-favorite overnight, the bar has got to be pretty low, right?

You might think it’s a problem for Marvel that fans are suddenly obsessed with this murderer, but I say it’s a good thing. And after a year of sitting in our apartments and forgetting how to wear pants, Dancing Baron Zemo is probably the best we can hope for from our first social gathering.

And there’s nothing wrong with that.

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