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Amazon buys MGM! 7 great sci-fi movies and shows coming to Prime

“Do not attempt to adjust the picture.”

If you’ve watched a movie in the last century, chances are you’ve seen the Metro Goldwyn Mayer logo a few times.

Now, you may be seeing it more on Amazon Prime.

Amazon recently closed a deal to acquire movie studio MGM for $8.45 billion — a bargain for the media empire, which could add MGM’s library to Amazon Prime or even develop remakes and sequels.

The biggest get for Amazon is the James Bond franchise, but there are plenty more movies and TV shows about to be added to Amazon’s digital shelves.

Here are the 7 biggest sci-fi and fantasy franchises Amazon now owns.

7. Teen Wolf

No, not the Michael J. Fox movie. The Teen Wolf TV show languished on MTV, but Amazon Prime could bring a reboot a much bigger audience — and a boosted budget to match.

6. The Outer Limits

Sci-fi anthology The Outer Limits lived in the shadow of The Twilight Zone, but with the latter’s reboot now over, it could be time for Amazon to revive the series.

5. RoboCop

The RoboCop series has never lived up to the highs of the first movie, but whether Amazon has more plans for the franchise or not, getting the original on streaming would be a great move.

4. The Hobbit

Amazon already has a Lord of the Rings series in the works, and now it has the rights to the prequel movies. The Hobbit trilogy isn’t nearly as beloved as LOTR, but Amazon could have even more adaptations in its future.

3. Stargate

Stargate may secretly be one of the biggest wins for Amazon. While it’s never been a top-tier sci-fi franchise, the original movie and multiple TV shows all have devoted followings that would undoubtedly tune in for a sequel.

2. The Handmaid’s Tale

The Handmaid’s Tale is challenging prestige TV at its peak. It might not have the franchise potential of some other properties in this deal, but it does give Amazon Prime some clout, and a built-in audience.

1. Candyman

Out in August, Candyman gives Amazon one of 2021’s biggest horror movies, and — more importantly — may open the door to a closer relationship with director Nia DaCosta and writer Jordan Peele.

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