Test your great white shark knowledge with these 5 questions

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Where in the ocean do great white sharks feed?

A. On the coastline

B. At the surface — that’s why you can see their fin

C. Middle or bottom of the ocean

D. They jump into tide pools on big waves


C. Great white sharks feed under the ocean’s surface, in the middle of the water column or lower. That fin-above-the-water image is an outdated stereotype.

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What animal is the great white shark actually afraid of?

A. Giant Squid

B. Orca

C. Blue Whale

D. Jellyfish

YIN WENJIE/Moment/Getty Images

B. Orca. Scientists have observed Great White Sharks fleeing the Farallon Islands if they smell an orca within two miles.

Which great white shark body part do orcas like to munch on?

A. Heart

B. Dorsal fin

C. Stomach

D. Liver

D. Liver. In 2017, three great white shark carcasses washed up on a beach in South Africa — with their livers missing. Scientists determined that orcas were the culprit.


How many feet long is the average great white shark?

A. 15-20

B. 20-25

C. 8-10

D. 10-15


A. The average Great White Shark is about 15 feet long — but females can grow up to 20 feet.


What new technique are scientists testing to track down great white sharks?

A. Drones to capture images

B. Infrared cameras to sense heat

C. Sonar devices to listen to sharks eating prey

D. Environmental DNA from the shark’s mucus, skin, or feces


D. Environmental DNA. Scientists are perfecting a technique to test ocean water for DNA from substances sharks leave behind.

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