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4 wild ways birds have evolved to live alongside humans

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Seagulls flock the shores. Pigeons dominate cities.

When birds and people hang out in the same space, the birds can get wilder than ever.

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City-dwelling humans need street smarts.

So it's understandable that birds have adapted to urban life in these 5 ways >>

1. Bird song changes
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Birds' songs have adapted to city environments. Noisy humans cause an upward shift in song frequency.

See a mockingbird imitate a car alarm >>

2. Bringing humans gifts

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Crows will exchange objects with humans they know.

They have reportedly given gifts to families who feed them.

3. Solving puzzles

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Problem solving, making tools, and planning ahead all help birds navigate cityscapes.

Gulls and crows use their big brains to get by in the concrete jungle.

Crows can make compound tools.

A.M.P von Bayern et. al.
4. Locating gas leaks
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Natalya Pluzhnikov / 500px/500px/Getty Images

Turkey vultures have a special power useful to humans: They can find gas leaks.

The vultures are attracted to the rotten scent people use to detect odorless gas.

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Read more about how crows make complex tools.

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