California 2020 wildfires, as seen from space

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A bout of wildfires has been spreading across the state of California since mid-August.

The fires were started by lightning.

The August Lightning Siege of 2020 ignited hundreds of wildfires, officials say.

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Lightning strikes over 3 days


The California flames are so powerful that they can be seen from space.

NASA's Terra satellite captured images of the fires.

"Copious clouds of smoke spill off the California coast and travel almost 600 miles," NASA reports.


Burn scars are visible where the fires have cleared land.


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Scientists say climate change exacerbates the risks of wildfires and makes them more severe.

First responders are dealing with putting out the fires amid the global pandemic.

Firefighter Edgar Morales watches as as a backfire burns off Chemise Road in Healdsburg, California in August 2020.

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