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Look: Here's the best place for humans to live on Mars



If space moguls like Elon Musk have their way, the red planet could one day be home to millions of people.

But where’s the best place to build a civilization on dry, dusty Mars?

One of the top contenders is a region called Arcadia Planitia.

It’s located in northern Mars, to the west of the planet’s massive volcanic plateau, Tharsis (in red).

Bryn Hubbard via ResearchGate


In a recent study, researchers found further evidence the region has high concentrations of ice lurking just below the surface.

“Evidence for large volumes of near-surface ice occur in and near flat-lying regions in the lower mid-latitudes of Mars, making Arcadia Planitia potentially favorable for future in situ resource utilization.”

A finding published in the journal Icarus.

Wikimedia Commons

It’s a sign that the area could be the perfect place for future Mars residents to harvest water.

In 2019, NASA called the region “the most tempting target” for a Mars landing site in the northern hemisphere.

The northerly located, boxed-in region on this map of Mars shows NASA’s ideal landing spot for astronauts. The deep purple indicates water close to the surface.


And in 2017, SpaceX officials indicated that Arcadia Planitia was a top spot for a future mission.

So, northern Mars might hold promise for a future human civilization.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself relocating there one day.


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