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Test your knowledge of CBD with this 5-question quiz

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What is cannabidiol, or CBD?

A. A plant related to cannabis

B. A synonym for cannabis or marijuana

C. Another active ingredient in cannabis, like THC

D. A plant that is unrelated to cannabis with a similar name


C. CBD is the second strongest of the active ingredients in marijuana.


What seemingly counterintuitive use have scientists found for CBD?

A. Helps fight cannabis use disorder

B. Helps athletes run faster

C. Helps build muscles faster

D. All of the above


A. Helps fight cannabis use disorder. Scientists found that using prescription CBD can actually help cannabis-dependent patients abstain from using cannabis.


True or False: CBD has been shown to help fight covid-19.


False. There are no credible human or animal studies showing that CBD has any effect against the novel coronavirus or the disease it causes.


What disorders or ailments has CBD been shown to help?

A. Symptoms of psychosis

B. Certain forms of epilepsy

C. Anxiety

D. All of the above


D. All of the above. Although the science isn’t 100% clear, some studies have shown that CBD can help relieve symptoms of psychosis, epilepsy, and anxiety.


Despite the anecdotal benefits, CBD isn’t a cure-all. What did the Mayo Clinic find as a potential downside to using CBD?

A. Heart disease

B. Liver damage

C. Seizures

D. Addiction


B. Liver damage. A massive research review by the Mayo Clinic found that CBD use could lead to liver damage.

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