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5 liquids that technically won’t break a fast

Science says so.


Technically, fasting is going without any food for a period of time.

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Meanwhile, intermittently fasting to put the body in ketosis — or relying on ketones instead of glucose for energy — is associated with some benefits.

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One way to fast safely is with the help of liquids low in calories and carbs that won’t break that metabolic switch.

These include...

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Broths (bone or vegetable) can help replenish nutrients and minerals during a fasting period.

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In one study, drinking tea while fasting instead of with a meal improved markers for cardiovascular health.

3. Coffee

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If a jump-start to your metabolism is what you’re after, coffee can add an extra boost (though some scientists debate this). It can, however, provide some small amounts of protein.

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Caffeine can also increase fat oxidation, along with a host of other health benefits.

Apple cider vinegar

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When taken in small doses, vinegar should not interrupt ketosis because it has less than 1 g of carbs per tablespoon.

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Vinegar increases a feeling of fullness during a fast and may have other health benefits.


Sparkling water counts.



Water is the liquid that needs no introduction. It’s key to stay hydrated, even on a strict fast.

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