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Watch: A virtual tour of the Ford Bronco Sport, one clever little SUV

The Ford Bronco Sport (which isn't the same as the Ford Bronco!) is a terrific lifestyle SUV aimed at young, outdoorsy types.

Worthy upgrades:

The Bronco Sport is based on the Ford Escape, but with a number of worthy upgrades. Even the lux-focused Outer Banks version seen here is surprisingly capable off-piste.

But the Bronco Sport is even more capable in the Badlands trim. It comes with knobby off-road tires and, in the proper hands, can make it up shockingly steep hills.

Aside from its impressive off-road abilities, there are fantastic interior storage touches all over the Bronco Sport.

The zipped rear seat pockets are padded and large enough to store an entire laptop. The MOLLE loops are great for hanging all kinds of things, too.

There are cubbyholes for extra storage throughout the Bronco Sport, including under the front screen and in the doors.

Bronco logos are everywhere

The rear glass opens to give easy access to the surprisingly large cargo area.

Backseat passengers get extra headroom thanks to the raised roof.

There are countless aftermarket options for the Bronco Sport, including interior bike mounts and a huge cargo rack for the roof.


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Badlands Edition

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