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The 4 EVs with the longest range (and they’re all made by Tesla)

A while back, I showed you the 5 EVs with the longest range (that aren’t made by Tesla). This is because Tesla — which has been making more EVs for longer than just about anyone — makes all the longest-range electric cars on the market.

Competition is great, but when it comes to all-electric range, Elon’s EVs are king.

The best non-Tesla is a version of the Ford Mustang Mach-E that rates 305 miles. Here’s how it stacks up to Tesla’s best.

4. Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD



326 Miles — The Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD has the best range of any Model Y, though that’s also the lowest mileage of the Tesla lineup.

The Standard Range Model Y can go 244 miles, according to the EPA, an 82-mile difference from best to worst.

3. Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD



353 Miles — The Model 3 is the “affordable” Tesla, starting at a mere 220 miles of range for just under $40,000. But you can load it up with batteries and get the 353-mile Long Range version for about $9,000 more.

2. Tesla Model X Long Range Plus



371 Miles — The Model X is one of my favorite cars, though not because of its impressive 371 mile maximum range. It’s those wild falcon-wing doors that open up like a majestic, ridiculous bird. The base X has just 258 miles of range, but if you open your wallet you can go a lot further.

1. Tesla Model S Long Range



405 Miles — The Tesla Model S Long Range is the first electric car with more than 400 miles of range. It’s an impressive achievement, for two reasons:

First, 400 miles is a really long way to run on electricity. And second, Elon Musk himself said that, above 400 miles, “more range doesn’t really matter.”

Perhaps this will be the longest-range Tesla ever... though we doubt it.

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