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These 5 "bespoke" Rolls-Royce motor cars reveal new levels of luxury

Rolls-Royce cars are already resplendent in their grandiosity. But these one-of-a-kind editions take things to extravagant extremes.

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The Phantom Oribe

This custom build (“bespoke” in Rolls-Royce parlance) is for a well-heeled customer who wanted a “land jet” to compliment his new actual private jet.

The Phantom Oribe’s green leather and exterior paint are color-matched to a special type of antique Japanese pottery of the same name. In a first for the brand, Rolls-Royce made the unique color available for the exterior of the client’s jet.

The Wraith Kryptos

This is an encryption-inspired Rolls, with technology and digital wonder infused all throughout. There’s even a cipher integrated into the artwork of the car and clients will be able to submit guesses to the company as they try to decode it.

Rolls-Royce calls the illuminated ceiling “beautifully elaborate ... depicting an in-motion data-stream inspired motif.”

The car isn’t actually this color. But wouldn’t it be cool if it was? And it probably can be ... for the right price.

The Million-Stitch Phantom

Rolls-Royce nicknames this the Million-Stitch Phantom, calling it “a vision of flowers” and “a sanctuary of true luxury.”

The car’s designer was inspired by The Rose Garden at Rolls-Royce’s Goodwood, England headquarters. It’s the only place in the world where the custom-bred, exclusive-to-Rolls-Royce flower dubbed the Phantom Rose is grown.

The Falcon Wraith

This elaborate coupe sports the most intricate single embroidery ever installed in a Rolls-Royce. The Peregrine Falcon in the headliner consists of nearly 250,000 stitches.

The Falcon Wraith includes a number of wing-themed design flourishes.
Bespoke (RED) Phantom

This one-of-a-kind Phantom was auctioned off to benefit (RED), the global AIDS charity. It features countless red design touches and included a design collaboration with contemporary artist Mickalene Thomas.

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