Audi’s EV concept uses mixed reality to make your adventures easier

The Activesphere concept includes four AR headsets that show you and your passengers 3D and interactive elements.

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Audi is back again with another wild look into the future of EVs. Audi unveiled the fourth concept in its sphere series, the Activesphere, which is a four-door crossover packed with AR and outdoorsy features.

Audi wowed us with a luxury EV concept designed for urban environments called the Urbansphere last year. Now, it’s taking on the outdoors with the Activesphere.

Part crossover, part pickup

It may look like a crossover, but you can convert the rear into an open cargo bed so it becomes more of a pickup truck. Audi says this setup gives you enough room for two e-bikes or your winter sports gear.



When you go offroading, the Activesphere can lift its ground clearance by 40mm above its default 208mm stance and open its wheels for better ventilation. When you eventually make it back to town, you can lower the clearance down 40mm below the default height and close up the wheels.


The interior is even more high-tech with a disappearing dashboard, steering wheel, and pedals when driving in autonomous mode.

Heads-up display

When you do want to take over the steering wheel, you can throw on the AR headsets that are stowed above in a roof console. With the Audi dimensions system, you’ll see 3D content and interactive elements including driver status, navigation, control panels, and more.


The Activesphere is just a concept so Audi didn’t reveal a full spec sheet.

Still, it says the conceptual EV gets around 373 miles on a single charge. You can also charge it from five to 80 percent in less than 25 minutes.

Don’t expect the Activesphere to hit the streets anytime soon. Audi made clear it’s only a concept, but we can still hope to see some of the Activesphere’s features integrated into its future lineup of EVs.

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