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Everything coming to Xbox Game Pass in July 2021

Here’s what you’ll be playing this month on Game Pass.

E3 2021 was packed with good news for Xbox Game Pass subscribers, and some of the new games announced for the service are already arriving this month.

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Here’s every new game coming to Xbox Game Pass in July 2021.

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

(July 1, Cloud)

Nuts & Bolts feels more like a spinoff than a traditional Banjo-Kazooie game, replacing the series’ regular platforming with unique vehicle construction and driving challenges.

Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling

(July 1, Cloud/Console/PC)

This turn-based RPG has gotten rave reviews for its Paper Mario-inspired art style and combat.

Gang Beasts

(July 1, Cloud/Console/PC)

Part multiplayer brawler, part goofy physics sandbox, this slapstick party game should see a lot of new combatants when it hits Game Pass.

Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars

(July 1, Cloud/Console/PC)

Immortal Realms blends kingdom management and card-based tactical combat with vampire lore for a moody goth strategy game.


(July 1, Cloud/Console/PC)

You’ve had plenty of time to play this 2010 indie hit, and now it’s even easier to pick up. Limbo’s dark and sometimes gruesome tone may turn some people off, but it’s absolutely worth a try.

Space Jam: A New Legacy — The Game

(July 1, Cloud/Console/PC)

Microsoft is throwing a lot behind the new Space Jam movie, with both a game tie-in and new themed controllers. Game Pass Ultimate subscribers get this free retro beat ‘em up two weeks before everyone else.

Cris Tales

(July 20, Console)

Cris Tales isn’t the first RPG to make time travel an important plot point, but its unique take makes it an essential part of battles, too. It hits Game Pass on release day.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

(July 27, Console)

Daydreaming about traveling the world is the ultimate escapism at the moment. Game Pass subscribers can live out that dream on Series X/S with Microsoft Flight Simulator starting this month.

The Ascent

(July 29, Console/PC)

This flashy, top-down cyberpunk shooter hits shelves this month. Game Pass subscribers can dive in for some multiplayer mayhem starting on day one.

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