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5 surprising details from Sony's PS5 teardown

Everything we learned from the PS5's guts.

The PlayStation 5 will go on sale in the U.S. for $499 ($399 for the Digital Edition) on November 12. Yasuhiro Ootori, Sony's VP of Mechanical Design, gave gamers a look under the hood in a teardown video published Wednesday. Here are the 5 most noteworthy details.


How to set up the PS5 horizontally

Flip it over and unscrew the base.

Then clip the base to the back of the PS5.


How to remove the side panels

Carefully pull and wiggle the spoilers off.

Gamers might be able to mix and match the console's side panels after all.


How to upgrade the PS5's storage

Slot in an extra solid-state drive in the M.2 compartment next to the fan.


How the PS5 will keep itself clean

The PS5 will have two dust catchers which can be vacuumed clean using two holes.


How the PS5 will stay quietly cool

The console uses a large double-sided air intake fan that's 120mm in diameter and 45mm thick.

A heatsink helps to improve airflow.

To top it off, Sony added liquid metal cooling to further assist the fan.

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