8 best Overwatch Halloween Terror 2020 skins, ranked

There are a lot of new skins this year, but only one can be crowned the spookiest.

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Overwatch's annual Halloween Terror event returned from the dead on October 13 with spooky game modes, cosmetic map changes, and all new skins.

All of this year's Halloween will only be available until November 3, so be sure to nab your favorites before they disappear. Here are the 8 absolute best.

8. Stone Brigitte

This is basically just a Dark Mode skin anyone can get with 9 wins between October 20 and 27. Brigitte's normal skin has already brought dark times upon Overwatch.

7. Werewolf Winston

Look what they've done to cheery Winston! Blizzard might have substantially changed his model, but did it really need to turn Winston into a furry? This one will cost 3,000 Credits.

6. Fantasma Sombra

This fits Sombra's character perfectly. The neon hair and dead eyes scream cyberpunk. It's miles ahead of her previous Halloween skin but nothing extraordinary, which is probably why it's free with 9 wins before October 20.

5. Shin-Ryeong D.Va

The folklore themed reskin is great, but the temple mech was designed awkwardly and makes it look like a dopey cyclops. This one also costs 3,000 Credits.

4. Karasu-Tengu Genji

This is the cyborg ninja's first Halloween skin in Overwatch's four-year history. Points docked for tardiness, but the execution is flawless on this 3,000-Credit skin.

3. Dai-Tengu Hanzo

The samurai archer has some of the most diverse skins in the game and Blizzard has outdone itself again. It's absolutely menacing. Like many of the best skins, it costs 3,000 Credits.

2. Flying Dutchman Sigma

Slow clap for this one ... Sigma does nothing but float around all day, and he's canonically Dutch. So this is perfect. And it'll cost you 3,000 Credits.

1. Ragdoll Echo

Echo's new costume is easily the most genuinely freaky skin in the bunch. Halloween is all about being spooky after all. This one's free with 9 wins between October 27 and November 3.

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