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7 promising games from the Nintendo Indie World Showcase

Featuring a stunning lineup of indies.

Focus Entertainment

Uswo Games

Nintendo hosted another Indie World Showcase, featuring a lengthy list of upcoming games from smaller developers. The lineup was diverse, with plenty of Switch indies to look forward to.

Cellar Door Games

The Indie World Showcase featured brand-new games, as well as ports from other platforms, offering a little something for everyone. But which games seem the most promising?

Here are 7 promising games from the November 2022 Indie World Showcase

Visai Games


7. Desta: The Memories Between — 2023

This character-driven roguelike features a vibrant style, and an intriguing turn-based dodgeball mechanic.

Visai Games

6. Venba — Spring 2023

There just aren’t enough cooking games. In Venba, you play as an Indian immigrant who uses cooking to reestablish her connection with her heritage.

Secret Mode

5. A Little to the Left — Available now

The joys of arranging household items come together in A Little to the Left. This is a satisfying puzzle game in which players must clean up messes made by a mischievous cat.

Cellar Door Games

4. Rogue Legacy 2 — Available now

Rogue Legacy 2 has finally come to Switch! This 2D roguelike action platformer, is tough as nails, but oh-so-satisfying.

Balloon Studios

3. Botany Manor — 2023

Botany Manor is the game for plant lovers. In this first-person puzzle adventure, players must gather clues, and explore, to keep their gardens healthy.

Focus Entertainment

2. Dordogne — Spring 2023

One of the best-looking games of the entire Indie Showcase was Dordogne, a narrative adventure that focuses on the relationship between a grandmother and granddaughter.

Sidebar Games

1. Sports Story — December 2022

After years of waiting, Sports Story is almost here! Play golf, soccer, and tennis, while also exploring dungeons in this wacky RPG.