Kirby and the Forgotten Land best copy abilities, ranked

Here’s where to find the very best blueprints.

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Copy abilities in Kirby and the Forgotten Land offer a variety of skills, including powerful swords, hammers, ice projectiles, and fire.


There are dozens of these abilities in the game, and some are far more useful than others.


These are the five best Kirby and the Forgotten Land best copy abilities, ranked


5. Dragon Fire

Power: 3.5

Rapid-Fire: 2.5

Aside from looking super cool, this copy ability deals high damage, has moderate rapid-fire, and is the most powerful of the fire types.


Where to find Dragon Fire blueprint

The Dragon Fire blueprint is located in Windy Freezing Seas, towards the end of the stage. Thaw the cart and use it to move past the fireballs to reach the platform on the right.


4. Blizzard Ice

Power: 3

Rapid-Fire: 3

Serving as the strongest ice ability, Blizzard Ice lets you freeze enemies from afar, allowing you to stay safe from their attacks.


Where to find Blizzard Ice blueprint

You’ll need to defeat Sillydillo in the Collector in the Sleepless Valley level to earn the Blizzard Ice blueprint.


3. Twin Drill

Power: 4

Rapid-Fire: 2

This copy ability offers a tremendous amount of power, allowing you to attack enemies from below (or above) ground with ease.


Where to find the Twin Drill blueprint

The Twin Drill blueprint is in a barrel within the opening section of the Moonlight Canyon stage.


2. Masked Hammer

Power: 4.5

Rapid-Fire: 4.5

Normally, high rapid-fire movement comes at the expense of power, but with the Masked Hammer, that isn’t the case.


Where to find the Masked Hammer blueprint

Finish the game and visit King Dedede in Waddle Dee Town to acquire the Masked Hammer blueprint.


1. Morpho Knight Sword

Power: 5

Rapid-Fire: 5

Easily the best copy ability in the game is the Morpho Knight Sword, which features max power and rapid-fire, making it devastating against enemies.


Where to find the Morpho Knight Sword blueprint

The Morpho Knight Sword blueprint is acquired by defeating Morpho Knight in the Forgo Land stage after you beat the game.

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