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8 hunters that could join Kratos in Fortnite Season 5

Which crossover should come next?

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 5 has introduced a God of War-themed skin that lets players dress up as series protagonist Kratos.

Season 5 brings together various "Hunters" across different film, television, and gaming universes. Some leaks and teasers suggest that Halo's Master Chief is inbound, but who else might drop in?

Here are 8 apex predators that might join Fortnite next
8. Doomguy

If Master Chief is fair game, then Microsoft could easily work out a deal with Epic to get Doomguy into the fray, since the company recently acquired Doom publisher Bethesda.

7. Cayde-6

Destiny 2 literally has a "Hunter" character class, and Cayde-6 used to be their leader. He may technically be dead, but that shouldn't prevent him from joining Fortnite.

6. Marcus Fenix

Gears of War was originally developed by Epic Games and its protagonist has been hunting down the Locust Horde since 2006. The franchise's rights are currently owned by Microsoft.

5. Nathan Drake

The Uncharted series protagonist is one of gaming's most recognizable treasure hunters. The Indiana Jones-inspired franchise is developed by Naughty Dog, which has already brokered a deal to put Kratos in the game.

4. Ellie

The Last of Us Part II follows Ellie as she hunts down a group of people who destroyed her peaceful life. The adventure series is developed by Naughty Dog.

3. Aloy

The main character of Horizon Zero Dawn is the most skilled hunter in a world where colossal, robotic animals walk the Earth. Developer Guerrilla Games is owned by Sony.

2. Predator

The Predator movie series is all about a race of alien trophy hunters. Epic already teased this deadly extraterrestrial with an image of a thermal vision scope, so this one seems very likely.

1. Samus

Fortnite fans have been clamoring over the possibility that Zero Point could be the perfect excuse to add Samus Aran from the Metroid franchise. Nintendo did release a Fortnite-branded Nintendo Switch in October...

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