Final Fantasy VII Rebirth in 10 stunning images

It’s happening!

Square Enix

On June 16, Square Enix hosted a 10-minute livestream event to mark the 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII.

Square Enix

We finally learned the name of “Remake Part 2”: Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. We also learned that the series will end with a third game.

The trailer opens with an intimidating glimpse at Meteor bearing down on the Planet.

Cloud, followed by Sephiroth, ventures toward what appears to be the Nibelheim reactor.

Square Enix

If this game follows the events of this original, this sequence takes place five years before the main story.

Someone has a vision of Aerith with her hands clasped in prayer.

A haunting vision of Sephiroth’s piercing eyes.

We see Cloud with Zack outside of Midgar again, but the scene plays out differently than in Remake.

Cloud seems to remember Zack, but doesn’t know what happened to him.

That memory alone is a pretty big departure from the original FF7 story.

This Mako-tinted image appears to show Jenova’s containment apparatus in the Nibelheim reactor.

Square Enix

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth comes to PlayStation 5 in winter 2023.

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