E3 2021

9 best indie games from E3 2021 you might've missed

E3 2021 wasn’t the show’s best year for major reveals from gaming’s big names. Instead, indie devs stole the show with a diverse range of unique games — so many that you almost certainly missed a few.

Here are the best indie games of E3 2021 you should keep an eye on

9. Citizen Sleeper

Inspired by tabletop RPGs, Citizen Sleeper uses dice rolls and conversations to drive its cyberpunk story. You play as a human consciousness uploaded to a robotic body on the run from the megacorp that considers you its property.

8. Soup Pot

Soup Pot is a chill-looking cooking simulator that lets players practice making food from real recipes. With no fail states, you’re free to experiment with the dishes you cook.

7. Lake

Set in 1986, Lake casts players as a woman who takes a break from the stress of city life to deliver mail in her hometown. Off the clock, you can spend time exploring the town and getting to know your neighbors in this extremely laid-back-looking game.

6. Somerville

Somerville looks to be cut from the same cloth as Inside, which makes sense because it’s made by one of that game’s co-creators. It follows a family who seems to have slept through an alien invasion. Now, they struggle to survive the aftermath.

5. Endling

Endling takes place on an ecologically devastated Earth where the last family of foxes in existence fights to survive. You’ll have to scrounge food for yourself and your cubs while avoiding humans and looking for a new place to call home.

4. Moonglow Bay

Plenty of games use fishing as a minor diversion, but Moonglow Bay puts it front and center. You can cook and sell your catch of the day to upgrade your gear as you explore the town of Moonglow Bay and search for its legendary sea monsters.

3. Unbeatable

Part rhythm game, part slice of life anime, Unbeatable is about starting a band in a world where music is illegal. Its frantic pace and stylish animation give it a FLCL vibe that’s backed up by its killer soundtrack.

2. Death’s Door

As cute as it is grim, Death’s Door casts you as an adorable crow with a glowing sword sent to collect the souls of the dead. Its trailer showed off a gorgeous world and intense top-down combat.

1. Replaced

Replaced combines pixel art with modern lighting effects for a striking, original look with a soundtrack to match. The combat looks as slick as the art, with melee and gun battles fought across a dystopian cyberpunk landscape.

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