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11 excellent games you can play right now with your Netflix subscription

Netflix’s mobile app lets you do more than just watch.

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Most subscribers don’t seem to know it, but Netflix has been building a library of great games you can play on your phone. The selection includes console ports and Netflix exclusives, and they’re all included with your subscription.


Here are the 11 best games available on Netflix right now

11. Bandersnatch

This one is kind of a bonus. Bandersnatch isn’t part of the mobile Netflix Games lineup, but it’s an early Netflix experiment in making interactive fiction for its massive audience. If nothing else, it’s interesting seeing how much Netflix has evolved its games since 2018.

10. Krispee Street

Krispee Street is about as simple as games get. It’s a Where’s Waldo?-ish hidden object game that’s perfect for passing the time in as chill a fashion as possible.

9. Hextech Mayhem

Based on the mega-popular League of Legends, Hextech Mayhem is part rhythm game, part endless runner. For Arcane fans, it’s a great way to spend a little more time in the same world.

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8. Relic Hunters: Rebels

Relic Hunters: Rebels is a cute and colorful but difficult shooter. It’s a frantic action game with tons of unique weapons, and a major test of your reflexes.

7. Stranger Things 3

Netflix has two games based on Stranger Thingsthe arcade shooter Stranger Things: 1984 and this one, based on the third season. Stranger Things 3 features more character interaction, making it better for fans of the series.

6. Shatter: Remastered

Inspired by the classic Atari game Breakout, Shatter: Remastered is a brick-breaking game that adds twists like 360-degree levels and spectacular boss battles.

5. Immortality

Immortality launched in late August, but it’s not on Netflix at the time of writing. The developer of this experimental cinematic mystery says it’s coming soon, and it may worth a look for film buffs (check out Inverse’s review for a much different take).

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4. Moonlighter

In Moonlighter, you explore dangerous dungeons by night and sell the treasures you find in your very own shop the next day. It strikes a captivating balance between combat and commerce, all with charming pixel art.

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3. Poinpy

One of the best games made exclusively for Netflix, Poinpy is an adorable action platformer that makes perfect use of your phone screen. Using simple controls, you’ll collect fruit as you climb its towering vertical levels.

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2. Before Your Eyes

Before Your Eyes is one of the most overlooked games of the past few years. This extremely innovative game tells a heartfelt story while tracking your eyes to advance each scene every time you blink.

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Subset Games

1. Into the Breach

Into the Breach is turn-based strategy at its best. Battles take place on tiny stages where you know exactly what your enemies are doing next. The result is a thrilling chess match that tests your ability to think ahead and make tough choices on who survives.

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