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The 8 best weapons in Monster Hunter Rise, ranked

A-hunting we will go.

Monster Hunter Rise brings plenty of quality of life improvements to Capcom’s beloved series, but that doesn’t mean its any easier for beginners.

The first decision you need to make before a hunt is which weapon to bring, and with 14 to pick from, that choice can be a challenge all on its own.

Here are the 8 best weapons in Monster Hunter Rise, for beginners or pros.

8. Great Sword

Monster Hunter’s most iconic weapon. The Great Sword does incredibly high damage, but at the cost of slow swings. If you’re confident in your timing and evasive skills, nothing hits quite as hard as the Great Sword.

7. Switch Axe

The versatile Switch Axe can switch between a heavy axe mode and a mobile sword mode with elemental attacks, but its complex combos make it one of the hardest weapons to master.

6. Sword and Shield

What it lacks in damage, the Sword and Shield makes up for in versatility. With it, you can use stunning bash attacks or slashes, and you don’t even need to put it away to use items.

5. Hammer

Hammer users have one job: Smack monsters in the head until they fall down. Getting big hits in with the Hammer is extremely satisfying, making it as fun as it is effective.

4. Dual Blades

The Dual Blades let you attack and dodge quickly, making them great for beginners, but you may eventually want to graduate to a more complex weapon.

3. Light Bowgun

The Light Bowgun is the best ranged weapon to start with thanks to its speed and simplicity. It doesn’t do the most damage, but it will keep you out of monsters’ reach, making it a great tool for learning their attacks.

2. Long Sword

The Long Sword is simple but effective, making it great for newcomers. Attack your target to charge a combo gauge, then spend it to unleash a high-damage finisher.

1. Hunting Horn

Once considered a bottom-tier weapon, the Hunting Horn is one of the best in Rise. With the Hunting Horn, you’ll psyche yourself and your teammates up with buffs by playing music as you whale on monsters.

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