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8 essential co-op games you need to play ASAP

Better with a friend.


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Solo gaming is popular for a reason, but cooperative experiences can be just as fun—if not better—depending on the game and the group of friends you bring along with you.


These are 8 essential co-op games you need to play ASAP


8. Destiny 2

Few gaming experiences feel as rewarding as successfully completing a raid with friends in Destiny 2. It takes considerable coordination and is immensely challenging, but the rewards are worth it.


7. Monster Hunter World

Likewise, Monster Hunter World is challenging, as well, requiring patience and perseverance to defeat the massive creatures that await. Then, upgrade your gear to do it all again!


6. Sea of Thieves

Serving as more of a chill experience, Sea of Thieves sends groups of pirates on a journey to collect loot. It certainly has its fair share of action, but if you simply want to enjoy the beauty of the ocean with friends, you can do that, too.


5. Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Many consider Halo to be the quintessential co-op FPS, and this is the definitive way to play the early games, all of which feature cooperative campaigns.


4. Left 4 Dead 2

Valve struck gold with Left 4 Dead, and the sequel offers more diverse locales, a wider variety of weapons, and, of course, an endless stream of zombies to defeat.

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3. Elden Ring

The act of taking down an enormous boss in Elden Ring is satisfying enough, but doing so with a friend or two is even more thrilling. The spectacle of watching your squad challenge a behemoth enemy never gets old.

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2. It Takes Two

When it comes to innovative design and gameplay variety, no other co-op game even comes close to It Takes Two. This action platformer from Hazelight Studios constantly throws surprises at you.


1. Portal 2

The original Portal was groundbreaking, but somehow Valve exceeded all expectations with the sequel, implementing the smartest, most satisfying cooperative gameplay to date.

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