10 science fiction movies & shows on Netflix you need to see now

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Netflix’s excellent new animated Transformers series might remind you of Castlevania given its high level of polish, the dark and gritty tone, and just how short this first season is.

The seven members of The Umbrella Academy are trapped in 1960s Dallas in the excellent second season of Netflix’s hit show, tasked with preventing yet another apocalypse.

Netflix’s Danish apocalyptic horror story gets even weirder in Season 3 when the virus within the world’s rain triggers supernatural effects within series protagonist Rasmus that could have catastrophic consequences.

The final season of this exhilarating series about a dystopian society where the smartest 3 percent of people get to live in a eutopia is bound to have a wild finale.

Remember, remember the fifth of November, but also remember V for Vendetta, one of the most influential action films to come out of the early 2000s that'll celebrate its 15-year anniversary in March 2021.

This iconic, charming fantasy that puts Bill Murray into a time loop basically created its own genre in 1993, and it holds up almost three decades later.

Steven Spielberg's iconic dinosaur movie Jurassic Park will forever be the best the franchise has to offer, and there’s no denying that.

In this bizarre cult classic, a dysfunctional couple erase all memories of each other, and we experience their entire relationship as told through a series of disjointed memories.

While doing some temp work in a strange building, a failed puppeteer discovers a portal that allows him to enter the mind of actor John Malkovich. This mind-bending fantasy is just as weird as it sounds and so much fun to experience.

A jaded young journalist pursues a story based on a classified ad she finds from a man claiming to have traveled back in time already. But now he's looking for someone to join him.

Mad Max (1979)

Following the total collapse of society in this grim dystopia, Gibson's "Mad" Max Rockatansky is a highway patrolman who has to contend with violent gangs of scavengers in the apocalypse.

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