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Watch these 5 sci-fi movies for free on Peacock ASAP

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NBC's new streaming service Peacock might be the reason The Office isn't on Netflix anymore, but it's also home to a vast library of sci-fi movies that you can watch for free right now (if you don't mind a few ads). Here's our top five...

5. Lucy

Lucy is best known for its ridiculous “what if you got so smart you became telekinetic?” premise, but it’s still stylish and fun enough to be worth a watch. Starring Scarlet Johansson with sci-fi auteur Luc Besson in the director's chair.

4. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

Steven Spielberg's sci-fi classic about a friendly space invader is just as worth watching today as it was when it released in 1982, and yes, it does still get as terrifying as you remember toward the end.

3. Jurassic Park

With their focus on the future, sci-fi movies don’t always hold up decades after release, but Jurassic Park is somehow still as visually impressive and fun to watch as it was in 1993. Plus, Jeff Golblum.

2. Children of Men

If you can handle its oppressively bleak atmosphere, Alfonso Cuarón’s film about humanity on the brink is a must-watch as much for its gripping story as its gorgeous visuals.

1. They Live

This cult classic about alien invasion and subliminal messaging has all the incredible action and political commentary you’d expect from director John Carpenter, not to mention the best fistfight ever committed to film.

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