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You need to watch the most kick-ass sci-fi movie on Amazon Prime ASAP

“That ain't a dog...”

Stars aren’t born, they’re made.

For John Boyega, whose breakthrough came when he played Finn across the Star Wars sequel trilogy, one role in a 2011 sci-fi horror-comedy made all the difference.

Meanwhile, Jodie Whittaker, now the Thirteenth Doctor on the long-running British sci-fi series Doctor Who broke through in that very same cult classic.

Attack the Block is streaming now on Amazon Prime. Here’s why you need to watch it. And what you need to know before you do.

As the movie’s original trailer crudely puts it, the movie pits “Inner city vs. outer space.” That’s an oversimplification, but it’s also accurate.

Attack the Block takes place in London during an alien invasion. As monsters with glowing teeth crash down onto England’s capital, a gang of teenagers takes it upon themselves to protect the planet — or at least their own neighborhood.

The result is a violent and entertaining sci-fi epic full of English slang and lots of cursing.

Sam: “Whatever the fuck they are, they're not fucking aliens.”

Dennis: “You swear too much, man.”

Distributors even considered releasing the film with subtitles in the U.S. Thankfully, they didn’t, and it went on to become a cult classic following its truncated theatrical run.

Produced by Edgar Wright (with Nick Frost playing a local drug dealer), Attack the Block shares some similarities with the Cornetto Trilogy, but it takes its genre roots more seriously than Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz.

And with Attack the Block 2 on the way, there’s never been a better time to revisit this 2011 classic. Watch it now on Amazon Prime.

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