7 Netflix K-dramas to fill your sci-fi needs

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Korean dramas are a masterclass in the art of dramatic storytelling. They feature rich storylines, deeply written characters, and stretch across many genres.


If you’re looking for more science fiction to binge, try these 7 sci-fi Korean dramas on Netflix.

The King: Eternal Monarch if you liked Outlander's trippy stone portals and romantic fantasy.

Abyss if you liked Altered Carbon's body-swapping murder solving

Love Alarm: if you liked Black Mirror's love stories with a technological twist

Kingdom: if you liked Game of Thrones' political power struggles and zombies

Live Up to Your Name: if you liked The X-Files's bantery skeptic/believer main duo who learn to love each other

Possessed:if you liked Supernatural's gritty fight between good vs. evil

My Holo Love: if you liked Her's heartfelt love story between a human and an AI assistant

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