Wands Up!

Pick your potion in Emma Kubert’s new fantasy comic book series, Stoneheart

Meet exiled magician Shayde Whisper as she rediscovers her bewitching powers

Being a third-generation artist from a famous comic book family comes with plenty of pressure, but Emma Kubert (Inkblot) takes it all in stride and embraces the art form with signature style in her Image Comics adventure, Stoneheart.

Kubert is the daughter of comics veteran Andy Kubert, whose father was the legendary DC illustrator Joe Kubert (the man responsible for classic covers and interior pages on titles like Batman, Enemy Ace, Sgt. Rock, and Hawkman). Her latest creation debuts in March of 2023.Image Comics
Stoneheart presents the lyrical fable of Shayde Whisper, an effervescent, strong-willed sorceress who’s been wrongly cast out of her magical guild and travels to Lightspring Canyon to become their new blacksmith.Image Comics
When a malevolent voice in her head ignites supernatural powers beyond her imagination, Shayde must explore past and present timelines to discover her esteemed role within the mystical kingdom of Athea.Image Comics
“Stoneheart introduces a new perspective on the hero’s journey and a deep dive into our capabilities of great good and great evil,” Kubert says in an Image press release. “I began this series simply as a catharsis to help me deal with the many worldly problems my generation is facing today, but it slowly culminated into a confrontation of my inner monologue.”Image Comics
"The art, the writing, and the lettering is all a reflection of myself and my dedication to the industry and craft,” Kubert adds. “Through humor, adventure, excitement, action, and love, Stoneheart confronts our inner self-worth and creates an entirely new fantasy; a fantasy where we strive for peace.”Image Comics

Image Comics’ Stoneheart #1 premieres on March 8, 2023.

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