9 marvelous images from D&D's Wild Beyond the Witchlight

The next book takes players back to the Feywild.

Tyler Jacobson

Tyler Jacobson

The Wild Beyond the Witchlight is the next major Dungeons & Dragons adventure storyline. It involves the wicked whimsy of a carnival — and the wild magic of the Feywild.

Tyler Jacobson

Mister Witch and Mister Light run the Witchlight Carnival, a magical extravaganza that serves as a gateway to the Feywild domain of Prismeer.


The Feywild is the plane of Faerie, a reality suffused with chaotic, potent magic where all fey — or elves — came from originally.


Here are 9 marvelous images from The Wild Beyond the Witchlight, the first official adventure to the Feywild in 5th Edition.

Katerina Ladon

Once every eight years, the Witchlight Carnival visits your world, and that’s where the adventure begins as it flies into town, wherever that may be.

The Witchlight Carnival comes with a colorful map akin to what you might see at a Disney theme park.

Art by Stacey Allan & Will Doyle

Misters Light and Witch are two shadar-kai (shadow elves) referenced in Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft.

Art by Robson Michel

They once traded places with the Celestial named Isolde who now manages their previous, more sinister Carnival in Ravenloft.

At the Ravenloft Carnival, deceitful fey lure the unwary from the midway where they encounter unspeakable horrors.

Misters Light and Witch are, thankfully, a little more well-intentioned — even if one of them kind of looks like Donald Trump.

Wait, which one is Witch and which one is Light?

Robson Michel

Your dealings with them eventually lead you through a portal to...the Feywild’s Domain of Delight called Prismeer.

Kai Carpenter

Kai Carpenter

One encounter there is with a Treant named Little Oak who houses a gang of children on his back, and they have a pet Displacer Beast (sort of a teleporting panther with barbed tentacles...)

Art by Kai Carpenter

Titus Lunter

Eventually, players might reach the Palace of Heart’s Desire, an enigmatic location at the center of Prismeer.

Art by Titus Lunter

Titus Lunter

What secrets does it hold? We’ll find out when the book is released.

Standard covers have art by Tyler Jacobson, depicting the Witchlight Carnival in all its creepy glory.

Alternate cover art by Hydro74 shows a Displacer Beast. Is it Little Oak’s friend?

Tyler Jacobson

The Wild Beyond the Witchlight will be released September 21, 2021

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