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7 mind-bending new sci-fi movies and shows on Amazon Prime in January 2022

“I am the law!”

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7. Déjà Vu

January 1

The compelling but mostly forgotten sci-fi thriller Déjà Vu stars Denzel Washington as an ATF agent given access to a time machine that could help him catch a terrorist before he strikes.

6. Stargate

January 1

Stargate series spawned a few beloved TV shows, but the original film is a somewhat underappreciated cult classic. Its blend of planet-hopping sci-fi and ancient mythology make it stand out from the pack.

5. Judge Dredd

January 1

Judge Dredd ditches the satire of the comic it’s based on and pales in comparison to 2012’s Dredd, but you shouldn’t hold that against it. Viewed today, its corny tone and aged visual effects are points in its favor.

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4. The Prestige

January 1

The Prestige starts as an engaging tale about a feud between two stage magicians, before the introduction of Nikola Tesla (David Bowie) brings a shocking sci-fi twist.

3. Predator

January 1

Predator spawned a long-running film series, but the original movie, about a special ops team fighting a deadly alien warrior, remains the best. Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem is also back if you want to see just how bad the series gets.

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2. Mission: Impossible

January 1

The Tom Cruise-led spy thriller series Mission: Impossible has released seven films over 26 years, and most have been hits with critics and audiences. The first four hit Prime Video this month and the latest, Ghost Protocol is the best of the bunch.

1. The Expanse Season 6

January 14

The (possibly) final season of the epic sci-fi series The Expanse began in December, focusing on a war between Earth, Mars, and the independent Free Navy. Its sixth and final episode airs in mid-January.

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