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6 thrilling sci-fi movies coming to Amazon Prime in October 2021

“If we don’t stop it, there won’t be a home to go back to.”

6. Anaconda

October 1

Anaconda may be silly and scientifically dubious, but it’s still a lot of fun. It’s basically a slasher movie starring a giant snake, which should tell you if it’s for you or not.

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5. Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life

October 1

The Cradle of Life sets Lara Croft on a globe-trotting adventure to find the mythical Pandora’s box. It doesn’t offer much more than a worldwide sightseeing tour, but at least it does that well.

4. Resident Evil: Retribution

October 1

Resident Evil: Retribution offers what the series always has: cartoonish CGI and a plot so baffling it’ll make you constantly think you’ve missed something. For the right audience, those are both good signs.

3. The Thing (2011)

October 1

The prequel to John Carpenter’s masterpiece of the same name, The Thing was doomed by a late-in-production switch from practical effects to CGI. Otherwise, it’s a competent but familiar homage to the original.

2. Cowboys & Aliens

October 16

It’s all in the title. When a bunch of alien varmints arrive on Earth in 1873 for an interstellar gold rush, it’s up to a posse of cowboys to wrangle them back where they came from.

1. Prometheus

October 3

Prometheus tells the pre-history of the Alien franchise that no one was asking for. While its connection to the sci-fi horror classic is tenuous, its atmospheric worldbuilding makes it stand on its own.

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