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7 amazing sci-fi shows and movies coming to HBO Max in September 2022

“It’s highly likely our Moon was built by aliens.”

Lionsgate Films
7. Cat People (1942)

September 1

You might be familiar with the 1982 Cat People, and now the 1942 original is on HBO Max. This landmark B-movie about a shapeshifting cat woman influenced horror for decades, and is included in the National Film Registry.

John Kobal Foundation/Moviepix/Getty Images
6. Melancholia

September 1

Melancholia is an apocalypse movie, but a much more contemplative one than most. Another planet is set to collide with Earth in this dark, gorgeous meditation on depression.

Magnolia Pictures
5. Village of the Damned (1960)

September 1

Later remade by John Carpenter, the original Village of the Damned is a subtle, chilling horror story about a village dealing with the sudden arrival of malevolent, telepathic children. It was well-reviewed on release and has become a horror classic.

4. The Vampire Diaries

September 4

All eight seasons of The Vampire Diaries hit HBO Max this month. The saga follows a group of sexy vampires in Virginia and all the drama that arises from love triangles, buried history, and run-ins with countless supernatural creatures.

CBS Television
3. Moonfall

September 9

Disaster movies have no obvious way to get bigger after Moonfall, in which the Moon is on a collision course with Earth. It’s exactly as goofy as it sounds, so if that’s your thing it makes for a fun movie night.

Lionsgate Films
2. Tom Swift

September 9

Based on the comic book series of the same name, Tom Swift follows the adventures of a genius inventor. A spin-off of the CW’s Nancy Drew, the show was canceled after its first season but deserves a second look.

The CW
1. Gotham

September 30

Focusing mostly on Batman’s rogues' gallery, Gotham follows Detective Gordon’s early career and the first forays of the Dark Knight. Its entire five season run hits HBO Max this month.

Warner Bros.

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