How to vote during Fat Bear Week 2020

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It's Fat Bear Week.

Brown bears Alaska's Katmai National Park have been bulking up for winter.

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Being the Fattest Bear means both winter preparedness and bragging rights.

Starting September 30, you can vote for 2020's Fattest Bear

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Voting takes place in rounds, organized in bracket format, not unlike March Madness.

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Last year's winner, Holly, is in the running again.

Can she pull off another win?

Holly, before and after her big summer gains.National Parks Service/

Holly will be up against the winner of a first-round contest between bears 719 and Chunk.

Chunk (32) before & after.National Parks Service/

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There are 12 bears total in the running. Voting opens every day at noon Eastern.

The winner will be announced October 6 — Fat Bear Tuesday.

Head to the Fat Bear Week website to vote.

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