5 stunning views of Mars from NASA's Curiosity Rover


NASA's Curiosity Rover has been exploring Mars since August 6, 2012.

Curiosity has driven 14 miles in its 2816 days on the Red Planet.

Here are 5 stunning images of Mars from the Curiosity Rover

Curiosity snapped this photo of Mt. Sharpe rock formations in September 2016.

Curiosity took dozens of pictures in the spring of 2014 to create this composite selfie at a site called Windjana, where sandstone layers are exposed at Mars’s surface.

Part of a panorama of a site called “Teal Ridge,” taken by Curiosity in June 2019.

The polygon shapes in these rocks might have originated as cracks in drying mud some 3 billion years ago. Curiosity captured this image in December 2016.

Another Curiosity selfie, using pictures from September 2016, features a dark mesa called “M12” to the left and upper Mt. Sharpe to the right of the rover.

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