Covid-19 is changing the planet in 5 dramatic ways

Shutting down society is temporary, but it may have a lasting effect on the environment.


The shutdown of society has been huge for nature.

From animals running the streets to less air pollution, here are 5 ways that nature has responded.

5. There's just less air pollution

With fewer factories running, cars on the road, and planes in the sky, air pollution has dipped well below average.

In March 2020, there was a 30 percent drop in nitrogen dioxide in parts of America.

Here's air pollution from March 2015 to March 2019.

And here's air pollution in March 2020.

Here they are side by side. The top is March 2015-2019. The bottom is March 2020.

4. Animals are taking back the streets

Humans are out, wildlife is in.

Deer are using the crosswalk in Nara, Japan.

Wild turkeys are overtaking Boston.

In Lopburi, Thailand, monkeys rule the streets.

Mountain lions slink through the 'burbs in Boulder, Colorado.

"Coronavirus in Catalonia — Boars descend from the mountains to the very center of Barcelona, after several days of people being locked at home"

Twitter / @alfonslopeztena
3. Seismic noise is down

Without the usual human noise in the data, geologists are able to see overlooked patterns.


It sounds a lot like Christmas.

There's been a massive drop in seismic noise, which has allowed scientists to do more accurate monitoring for earthquakes and volcanic activity.

Fewer ships in the water allow the ocean an opportunity to clear up.

This could be good news for marine life: A recent study suggests it takes 5 seconds for ships to disturb ocean life.

Tap to see satellite images of Venice’s cleaned-up ports. >>

2. The ocean is becoming cleaner

More ships docked means less pollution is entering into the sea.


Typically busy channels are now nearly empty.

1. The world is a little quieter.

Shhhh. Hear that?


In Paris noise levels up to 90 percent lower than usual.

Noise pollution negatively affects wildlife. Faster caterpillar heartbeats & stressed-out birds are two examples.

Birds are now more relaxed and don't need to sing as loud.

The same street in Jakarta.

The left is on March 6.

The right is on April 25.

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