Cool Science Photos: #BlackBirdersWeek


The first week of June 2020 marked the first annual Black Birders Week, celebrating Black birders, scientists, and nature-lovers.

“Black people who enjoy the outdoors are actively prevented from doing so. There are systemic barriers, especially racism,” co-organizer Danielle Belleny told Inverse in a Q&A.

SOPA Images/LightRocket/Getty Images

Here are some amazing photos snapped by Black birders this week.

Bird enthusiast and photographer Darren Cook captured this photo of a Western Tanager. You can check out more bird photos on his Instagram here.

Herpetologist Earyn McGee caught a photo of three Mexican Spotted Owls while “hanging out in the Chiricahua Mountains.” Follow her on Twitter here.

Artist Walter Kitundu celebrated urban birds with a photo of a Red-Tailed Hawk. You can follow him here.

Biologist and avid birder Merlyn Nomusa Nkomo snapped this photo of a Secretary Bird while in Zimbabwe. You can follow her here.

Photographer Jerome E. Foster snapped this photo of a Red-necked Amazon parrot, one of two endemic parrots in Dominica. You can follow him here.

Ecologist Tatenda Dalu took this dramatic photo of a Martial Eagle in South Africa (an earlier version of this story misidentified the eagle). Check out his website here.

Evolutionary Biologist Janet Charray Buckner was in Kenya when she captured this photo of an Egyptian Goose. You can follow her Twitter here.