Artemis I: 10 stunning moments from NASA's long-awaited launch

Third time’s a charm!

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NASA/Bill Ingalls


At long last, NASA’s Artemis I mission is en route to the Moon.

The long-awaited launch took place early in the morning on November 16.

Originally set to blast off on August 29, the mission experienced several delays due to technical problems and severe weather.

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Now, Artemis I’s uncrewed Orion capsule is drifting through space on its 238,900 mile journey to the Moon.

It will pass by the satellite and rendezvous back to Earth.


If all goes well on this test mission, NASA will be one step closer to eventually sending humans back to the lunar surface.

NASA/Bill Ingalls

Here are 10 key moments from the launch:

NASA/Joel Kowsky

10. The Orion capsule, resting atop the powerful Space Launch System (SLS) rocket, sits on the launchpad on November 15.

9. Countdown and liftoff — the SLS successfully takes to the skies at 1:47 a.m. Eastern on November 16.


NASA/Bill Ingalls

8. Here’s the rocket just seconds after it left the launchpad.

7. Cameras followed the SLS as it soared into the sky in a fiery streak of light.


6. Here’s the view from the ground, where a crowd of bystanders gathered.

NASA/Bill Ingalls

5. These are the SLS’s solid rocket boosters fizzling out after they were dropped in preparation for the next stage of flight.


4. Just a few minutes after launch, the rocket appeared as a speck of light from the ground.

3. Orion’s video feed captured the view from above, when the rocket reached maximum thrust to propel the spacecraft out of Earth’s gravity.


2. The Interim Cryogenic Propulsion Stage drifts away as Orion begins its journey to the Moon.

1. Now, the Orion craft will drift in space for a few days, reaching the Moon around Nov. 21.


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