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10 weird technologies the military is testing

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Military tech is always advancing, so we decided to look at the most interesting of it out there.

The US Army considers the Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiments (AEWE) a cornerstone of its future-facing experimentation. It's an open call for private industries to bring their latest tech for testing. AEWE is where the road meets the rubber.

Here are a few AEWE technologies of 2020.

10. The EZRaider

The EZRaider is an off-road electric scooter that has been tested by the Army. Yes, it's a military scooter, but it can also carry more than 400 pounds and handle most terrains.

9. The Cerberus GL UAV

The Cerberus GL UAV is a drone that can shoot grenades. It can carry three explosive, flash, infrared, smoke, or tear gas rounds. It's being tested by the Army at AEWE.

Skyborne Technologies
8. DARPA's self-guided bullet

This .50-caliber ammunition can change direction in mid-flight after being fired. This could be useful for hitting moving targets. DARPA was testing it in 2015, but there's been no word since.

7. Quantum Stealth material

HyperStealth Biotechnology's Quantum Stealth material is a form of camouflage that redirects light to make it difficult to see someone, and it works especially well in low-light conditions.

6. The Guardian XO

The Guardian XO from Sarcos Robotics is a robotic exoskeleton that will be tested by the US military in 2020. Allegedly, it makes someone 20 times stronger for lifting heavy objects.

5. A laser you can hear

The Pentagon is currently working on a laser system that can create "plasma balls” that contain your voice so you can send a message to an intruder, or someone else, without speaking over a loudspeaker.

4. High Energy Laser Tactical Vehicle Demonstrator

Lockheed Martin is developing a 100-kilowatt laser weapon for the US Army that can defend against missiles and rockets. It will be attached to large vehicles.

US Army
3. The Guardian S robot

The Guardian S is a robotic snake from Sarcos that can be used for bomb disposal, military intelligence gathering, and more. It can go up and down walls and almost anywhere else.

2. Mini drones

DARPA has been developing robotic flying insects for decades. The Army is also investing in drones that look like tiny birds and can fit in the palm of your hand. The Black Hornet Personal Reconnaissance System can help soldiers see around corners and from above.

U.S. Army
1. The Interceptor

Developed by Anduril Industries, the Interceptor is a drone made to kill other drones. The company believes the best way to take down incoming attack drones is with your own drones, armed with sharp blades.


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