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Before it was called Starship, its nickname was “BFR.” What did BFR stand for?

A. Big Friendly Rocket

B. Big Falcon Rocket

C. Big Fucking Rocket

D. Better Faster Rocket

B. Big Falcon Rocket. Although there have been rumors that the 'F' standings for "fucking," SpaceX's official stance is that BFR stands for Big Falcon Rocket.

According to SpaceX, how many passengers will Starship carry to space?

A. 500

B. 100

C. 1,000

D. 25


B. 100. When Starship is complete, it should be able to carry 100 passengers on trips to the Moon or Mars.

By what year does Elon Musk plan to send crewed missions to Mars on Starship?

A. 2024

B. 2035

C. 2021

D. 2040


A. 2024. Although ambitious, Musk has remained steadfast in his plan to send humans to Mars by 2024.

Musk wants to use the Starship to build a city on Mars by 2050. How much has he estimated construction could cost?

A. $200 million to $1 billion

B. $1 billion to $100 billion

C. $10 billion to $1 trillion

D. $100 billion to $10 trillion


D. Between $100 billion and $10 trillion. Musk based this figure on the assumption that the city would need one million tons of cargo, and it would cost $100,000 to launch each ton.

Musk confirmed that the BFR “intentionally” bore resemblance to a ship from which fictional work?

A. Star Wars

B. Spaceballs

C. The Adventures of Tintin

D. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy


C. The Adventures of Tintin. It’s easy to see Starship’s Tintin inspiration – the 1953 comic Explorers on the Moon has a three-finned ship that looks surprisingly similar.

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