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Look: The Cadillac Lyriq is the best looking new EV on the market

It’s the first electric car from the storied American luxury brand, and it’ll make you rethink what a Cadillac is.

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The Lyriq is the first fully electric car from Cadillac, and it brings an entirely new look and feel to the storied American luxury brand.

Cadillac calls it an SUV but it’s sort of an enormous wagon.

It’s far bigger in person than it looks in these videos.

The Lyriq should get more than 300 miles of range from its 100 kWh battery pack.

LEDs have allowed the Lyriq’s lighting designers to go wild.

This is the welcome sequence when you unlock the car.

Cadillac calls it a waterfall of light.

Cadillac gave hints of this interior design in the new Escalade earlier this year, but they’ve taken it to the next level with the Lyriq.

This hidden storage drawer is one way the interior designers are rethinking what users need from their automobiles.

Many new cars are adopting enormous panoramic moonroofs, and the Lyriq is no exception.

Recessed handles are common on EVs these days, but the Lyriq takes it a step further with these push-button door openers. A little rod pops out to prod the door open.

It wouldn’t be an EV without tons of useful cargo space freed up by not having a traditional drivetrain. There’s no frunk, though.

The rear spoiler is a passthrough for air, and it also houses the Formula One-esque high-mounted taillight.

Cadillac crest easter eggs are hidden around the car.

The three ducks are a throwback to the classic crest. They originally represented the Holy Trinity.

Production begins in early 2022, after Cadillac accelerated the development of the Lyriq by 9 months.

Reservations open this September. The Lyriq starts around $60,000.

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