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The Lexus LF-Z might be the future of electric cars

Lexus wants to sell more electric than gasoline vehicles by 2025. This concept is its vision for how to do it.

The LF-Z Electrified embodies the 20 new vehicle models that Lexus plans to introduce in the next four years, including a range of fully electric cars.


Lexus says the LF-Z “incorporates driving performance, styling, and technologies envisioned” for the near future.


Lexus says it aims to offer electric variants — hybrids, plug-in hybrids, or fully-electric — of all its models by 2025.

The LF-Z embodies a concept of “Tazuna,” which is Japanese for “rein.”

It’s inspired by the relationship between a horse and rider.

The LF-Z also promises all kinds of connected features, including a smartphone-based digital key, an advanced voice-controlled digital assistant, and an electrochromic glass sunroof that can dim at the touch of a button.

The LF-Z also takes a page out of Tesla’s book, with automatically retracting door handles that are both cool and aerodynamic.

A number of Lexus concept cars (including the LF-A and LF-LC) have ended up very similar to production versions in the past, but we doubt this one make it to production in its current form. LF stands for Lexus Future.

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